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Debbie Dinner Party

You live for dinner parties.

Your idea of a fun night is whipping up a 7 course meal complete with origami napkins and papier-mâché party favours.

Good for you. But even better for your friends. And who cares if someone spills a little Coq au Vin on the floor? You don’t! You have 3 different mops and a PHD in patience. ’Cos baby you were born to host.

Debbie Dinner Flooring

The perfect flooring for the perfect host. Choose from a variety of styles and designs. We thought Debby might like our collection of laminate tiles and natural coloured planks the most.

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Lys Grå Skifer

Varenummer: L0320-01780
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Sort Skifer

Varenummer: L0320-01778
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Varenummer: L0318-01783
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Grå Skifer

Varenummer: L0320-01779
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Grå Beton

Varenummer: L0318-01782
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Valnød, 3-stavs

Varenummer: L0301-01791
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Kalket Lys Eg, planke

Varenummer: L0308-01813
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Kalket Eg, planke

Varenummer: L0308-01812
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Alpaca Skifer

Varenummer: L0320-01781
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Taupe, planke

Varenummer: L0308-01811
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Coffee, planke

Varenummer: L0308-01814
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Natur Sawcut Eg, planke

Varenummer: L0301-01809